Sunday, September 20, 2015

Short Introduction

Hello everybody, my name is Daniel Stok. I'm currently 21 years old and a second year student at the NHTV university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. I just finished the first year with a full 60 points which means that I have got my Propedeuse. I created this blog last year with the hope of filling it up throughout the year but never got to do it, so I will now post the main important courses I have had this year.

Block A: The main course was Modeling 1, where I had to recreate a chosen illusion in 3d within maya. Here is the outcome with a checker texture on it for unwrapping purposes.

Block B: The main course was Texturing 1, here I took the outcome of the first block and textured it. Not fully happy with the outcome since I would have liked to work more on the background.

Block C: The main course was Modeling 2. Here I made a car in autodesk maya using nurbs and rendered it with mental ray.

Block D: The main course was Texturing 2. I chose to do a little extra for this block, we got a robot model delivered which we could texture but instead I made my own robot model and textured it. More images here

Those were the main courses I had past year, it was a pretty fun year but also a very hard one since there was a heavy workload. Second year has just started and I hope to post more about the progress of various projects I am doing right now. Thanks for reading!