Monday, March 6, 2017

Rising Star Challenge - Alien Foliage

I had the chance to take part in the Rising Star Challenge round two. In which I had to create a 3d scene from a concept.

The concept I chose.
The final outcome.

A GIF showing my progress.

Another GIF from a different angle.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Abandoned project WIP

So this is a small update on what I've been working on and off for a while now, it started out as a much larger project. My initial plan was to create the whole building and make a UE4 executable in which people could walk around with the UE4 third person controller. But because of a messy pre-production I found out I needed to scrap a large part and focus on a much smaler part in order to ever finish this.

I will add a few more final touches before I'm calling this done.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Haven't posted anything in a while now, but I kept myself busy :)
I've been working slowly on my abandoned project lately because of the work at school and a freelance job. In the autumn holiday and the week after I decided to try something new, instead of taking a big project that would take a long time to finish I would pick a small manageable concept and create that. In this case I found this picture.

I used it as starting point, and found features in other pictures that I liked more which I added to the scene.

With this project I also tried out Substance Painter, it's a really awesome tool and can't wait to do more with it.

Here are some final shots.

A gif showing the process of this project

In other news, I'm still working on my abandoned project and hope to finish it soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Art Jam - Sniper Scope

Yesterday some friends and I did a small art jam where we went and modeled a sniper scope. Below is my outcome, made it in around 4-5 hours. A high poly model rendered in keyshot.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Project Lab B

In project lab B I was art lead again and partly responsible for environment art. This time we had to make a game for the console. We made a side scrolling couch co-op game where two players need to escape the prison they are in by solving puzzles.

I was responsible for the placement of assets, lighting and post processing of the first level. Some of the assets were also made by me.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Final Result Project Lab A

Long time no post.
I haven't posted anything in a long time so I thought it might be good to post a few things I have been doing since my last post.

So one of the problems that we had, was that it is only possible to blend two textures on mobile, while we had three textures. Since there isn't a fancy trick to solve this problem, my solution was to split up the terrain mesh into two parts. One would be the road and the other the sand around it. One of the two textures would be the same in both materials which would make up the blend between the road and the sand.
Red corresponds the texture used for blending
Another small problem would be that there was a seam visible along the edges that were cut, due to the normals of those vertices. This was simply solved by locking the normals before separating the road mesh, allowing the vertices to keep the right normal direction.

Below you can see what the Neppis project looked like at the start, and the final result.

Old vs New

Final outcome of some of the levels that were created for the Neppis project.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Project Lab A

So school has officially started a few weeks ago and one of the big things at school is project lab, which is where I work two full days a week with other artists, programmers and designers to make a game. I am in a group of four other artists, three programmers, three designers and one producer. In this case our objective was to make a turn based race game for the mobile/tablet, the idea comes from Neppis which is a competitive outdoor sport mostly played in Finland.

In our game the car will have the size of a hotwheel just like in Neppis and will drive through a track which could be made by a child on the beach. It is much like midget golf but then with cars. I am the art lead and also responsible for the environments in the game. The image below shows the visual progress that we have right now. There are already some problems I know of that I am going to face in the future, one is the amount of blended textures that are possible for the terrain on mobile and also some optimizations that need to be made to let this game run smooth on mobile, but more on that later.

I also hope to upload some more pictures of a personal project that I'm working on right know, but I will do that when there is some more cool stuff to show. Thanks for reading!